Can Dogs Eat Avocado 🥑?

By Dr. Lisa Lippman

Dr. Lisa Lippman, DVM, is one of the most followed and socially influential veterinarians in the United States. She is nationally respected by media outlets such as Dr. Oz, Inside Edition, and Good Day, New York as a go-to source for expertise in pet health and safety. She shares her experiences with her friends, followers, and fans by posting at @DrLisaLippman on Instagram. This post was written by Dr. Lisa.

While it enjoys a practically cult following with humans, avocado is a controversial food for dogs. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there (especially on the Internet) so let’s get to the bottom of it: can dogs eat avocado?

The dispute on dogs and avocados can be traced to one substance: persin, which is present in small amounts in the fruit of the avocado tree (which is the part we eat!) The fact of the matter is that persin IS really toxic to other animals, such as birds, rabbits, goats, and cows- BUT we do not expect it to be a problem in dogs.

Since avocados contain only trace elements of persin, they would need to be ingested in extraordinary quantities to harm your dog. We're talking TONS of avocado. In fact, there is only one case report of this happening, and your dog is more likely to suffer from a bout of pancreatitis or become obese because of all the fat in avocados long before the persin would affect them.

Because avocados do have nutritional benefits (and they're delicious) many dog owners like to give their pups a taste now and again-as long as you don't overdo it (avocados are high in fat) and don't let them near the pit (which is a surgical foreign body hazard)!

So, never fear avocado lovers! It's up to you if you want to share a bit of avocado with your pooch, but you don't have to panic if they accidentally raid your stash 🥑🥑

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