Can My Dog Eat Ice Cream?

By Dr. Lisa Lippman

Dr. Lisa Lippman, DVM, is one of the most followed and socially influential veterinarians in the United States. She is nationally respected by media outlets such as Dr. Oz, Inside Edition, and Good Day, New York as a go-to source for expertise in pet health and safety. She shares her experiences with her friends, followers, and fans by posting at @DrLisaLippman on Instagram. This post was written by Dr. Lisa.

Does anyone know how you can finish an ice cream cone before it melts all over you? Taking recommendations 😂

But honestly, what says perfect summer snack more than an ice cream cone on a hot day? 🍦Since I know Chloe isn’t lactose intolerant, I like to treat us both to a shared (vanilla, never chocolate) scoop every now and again! But before you go crazy with the dairy-based goodies, you should know that not all dogs can tolerate this classic summer treat!

While milk and dairy aren’t toxic for dogs, many dogs and cats do suffer from varying degrees of lactose intolerance (the inability to digest dairy)- and shouldn’t consume dairy products. If you notice that your pup gets diarrhea after eating milk or cheese, there’s a good chance they’re lactose intolerant. 💩

A lot of the times the amount of lactose in a certain food determines a dogs reaction. For example, eating a tiny piece of cheese probably won’t hurt your dog, but drinking a cup of milk might! The best solution for a lactose intolerant pet is pretty simple: just don’t give them dairy products!

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