The Anxiety Apothecary: CBD, Dating, and Dogs

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The nearly 20% of US adults suffering from anxiety know how difficult it is to put yourself in new, uncomfortable situations. This includes going on dates. Anxious dog owners know how difficult some situations can be for them, too, or how our anxiety can translate into our dog’s behavior. With so many people looking at CBD as a miracle therapy for both us and our pups, we rounded up some key questions and answers from Dig friends in the CBD world to help understand the growing trend.

It’s important to note that new discoveries and studies are released often, so it’s advised to consult your vet and stay on top of new developments in this emerging industry.

Proponents of CBD (cannabidiol) say it is a safe, non-psychoactive cannabis derivative that has numerous health benefits for both people and pups. Unlike THC, another chemical compound found in hemp, CBD does not get users high. Some Clinical trials have suggested that CBD may offer a remedy for chronic pain, seizures, multiple sclerosis, and Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, CBD fans say it seems to positively affect serotonin levels and may improve a variety of mood disorders, including General Anxiety Disorder, Panic Disorder, OCD, PTSD, mild to moderate depression, and social anxiety.

“[CBD is] a natural, sustainable treatment alternative for pain and anxiety,” said Dr. Minchul An, pharmacists and co-founder of Buzzn, a company providing high quality hemp oil products for people and pets. “Let’s take a popular anti-depressant/anti-anxiolytic like Lexapro. Lexapro is an SSRI, meaning the drug signals more serotonin to be released from the brain to reduce anxiety and boost mood. CBD has been shown to act like Lexapro. CBD may boost signaling through these serotonin receptors.”

By alleviating anxiety, CBD may boost self-confidence. A small 2011 study, found CBD oil reduced negative “self-statements.” CBD topicals may also enhance physical appearance and self-esteem. CBD is naturally nutrient-rich and high in antioxidants. Lotions and salves infused with CBD appear to diminish the appearance of common skin ailments, such as acne, skin discoloration, psoriasis, and eczema.

For anxious daters, CBD oil may relieve date induced stress without clouding thoughts or perception when orally ingested. The hope is that through CBD’s calming effects, you can stop focusing on negative, intrusive thoughts. Instead, you could actually be attentive to the person in front of you and make a lasting connection.

Confidence is key in many aspects of life, specifically when trying to find a partner. Having a good self-esteem enables you to better engage with others. Not being impaired by self-doubt allows you to relax and enjoy your date’s company.

Dr. An of Buzzn recommends taking a dosage an hour before meeting up with your date to feel fully relaxed. The product page for Buzzn’s Chill Mint CBD oil says it will keep you calm, cool, and collected on a big night out. Also, it says a major bonus of the oil is it gives you fresh breath, making you all that more kissable.

CBD may also enrich sensual aspects of your relationship. A survey conducted by Remedy Review, found 68% of the CBD users polled believed the cannabis compound benefited their bedroom life. One way to utilize CBD products with your partner, is to enjoy a stress-free, sexy soak in your bathtub using one of The Georgia Hemp Company’s Hemp Extract Bath Bombs.

Not only can CBD help you land a romantic partner, it may provide a healthier, happier life for your truest love -- your pup. As with humans, CBD oil is said to be able to treat a variety of physical and mental ailments in dogs. For example, a recent Cornell study showcased CBD oil’s ability to relieve dogs’ arthritis pain. Cannabidiol has been reported to diminish other canine afflictions including chronic pain, seizures, inflammation, nausea, and anxiety.

“Just like people, dogs have an endocannabinoid system. What that means is we all have a complex network of cannabinoid receptors expressed in our central and peripheral nervous system. By giving our dogs proper doses of CBD, it stimulates the cannabis receptors to tackle an entire range of issues from mood to pain. CBD has been shown to help dogs who suffer from anxiety, or have joint issues,” stated Dr. An.

The Georgia Hemp Co.’s creative director and Head Budtender, Evan Pulliam, suggests CBD can lessen pups’ anxieties and overreactions just as it does for people.

“Some concrete research shows that CBD activates our natural Endocannabinoid Systems, which strengthens communication between other systems and functions of our body, like anxiety, sleep, relaxation, focus, appetite, and others. So CBD, in effect, helps direct energy away from our body’s over-reactions,” said Pulliam. For dogs, that could mean help with separation anxiety, over-excitement when the doorbell rings, or fear of thunderstorms.

Dr. Tim Shu, DMV and CEO of VETCBD, also asserts that CBD oil is beneficial for pets. Dr. Shu says many of his canine customers have seen an improvement in their mood and their pup parents have conveyed appreciation for hemp products.

“Animals are able to benefit from cannabis, and we owe it to our patients and clients to fully explore the therapeutic potential of cannabis so pet owners can make informed decisions about their pets’ healthcare,” said Dr. Shu. “A lot of pet owners write to us expressing gratitude for helping relieve their dogs’ anxiety during the 4th of July. Many dogs are fearful of the sound of fireworks, and many owners have tried various treatments and are desperately looking for a way to relieve their dogs’ anxiety. CBD’s anti-anxiety properties have had such a large impact in helping these patients (and subsequently their owners as well) relax.”

Similarly, President & Co-Founder of Green Coast Pet Mike Bateman affirms his company’s “proprietary hemp blend [made for dogs] can help support many things including a calm and relaxed demeanor, a healthy inflammatory response, a strong immune system and good neurological function.”

David Tuchalski co-founded of Dogchies, a company that sells pet products made with organic hemp extract, in order to soothe his Pomeranian’s pain.

“At the age of 4 years old, my Pomeranian developed grade 3 luxating patella, and it affected his daily movements. Since my dogs are my life, I wanted something natural and organic to ease the pain,” said Tuchalski. “I immediately thought about my own natural remedies that work… [and] I made my own brand - Dogchies. Our original [CBD] oils are based with Cod Liver which is high Omega-3's and contains Vitamins A + D.”

Dr. An shared a similar story regarding the founding of his own company, Buzzn.

“I wanted to create CBD oil for pets to provide a solution for dog owners who have anxious dogs and pretty much tried everything without any significant improvement. This is something I can relate to with my rescue, Calvin. I’ve tried everything from multiple trainers to other natural remedies, and the one thing that actually worked was CBD oil. He is now on it every day as maintenance,” said Dr. An.  

Again, those interested in giving their pup CBD should consult their vet beforehand. Talk about the different options you have for administering CBD, as well. For example, you can offer your dog CBD infused treats or use the oil directly. The Dig doggos we polled love the taste of Dogchies’ delicious vegan dog treats, The Georgia Hemp Co.’s 4mg pumpkin biscuits, and Green Coast Pet’s affordable, soft chews. Buzzn’s Puppy Potion, 250mg of broad spectrum CBD hemp, and VETCBD’s Veterinarian Formulated CBD oil can be easily dispensed through the use of a dropper.

If you are a pet parent and want more clarity about CBD, or if you are a pet professional and want to be able to educate your customers about CBD, check out this live webinar coming up Thursday, May 30, 2019 @ 1pm EST. Register today: