Dig’s 10 Gifts to Treat Yourself 

This season, your loved ones aren't the only people who deserve baller gifts. Show some self-love by throwing in a present or two for the most important person in your life, you. Here is Dig's 2018 list of the best gifts to treat yourself as a single pup parent this holiday season.


Pet Krewe Santa Elmo Costume

This cute costume will be a fun conversation starter with other single dog parents. Pet Krewe’s Santa Elmo Costume from their newly released Sesame Street line is an adorable way for you to show off you and your pet’s holiday spirit. Delight your family and friends by sending out seasonal cards with a picture of your pup dressed as a festive Elmo. Don’t hesitate taking your four-legged friend to the dog park in their season appropriate attire. Watch for their silver antler collection, too - coming soon!


Pet Chatz Digital Daycare

Enjoy peace of mind while you're out on a date or stuck at work with a doggo at home! Pet Chatz Digital Daycare offers a calming sensory experience to dogs when their mom or dad is away. Dog owners can connect and interact with their fur babies from anywhere through their computer, tablet, or mobile device. Your lonesome pet will be instantly soothed by your face and voice.


Pupjoy Subscription

You call it spoiling, we call it a necessity. Never worry about running out of treats and toys for your furry friends. You can customize this subscription with items like organic chews and uber-durable toys, plan out delivery schedules, and watch Bella tear into her own personal box of treasures. With your dog’s permission, you could also give one of the many treats to your crush’s puppy and score some serious brownie (not chocolate) points.


DOOG Walkie Belt

If you've ever wondered what it's like to be proud of a Fanny pack, this gift is for you. If you've been to a Dig event, you've seen the Dig founders proudly rocking out with a DOOG belt on. The Walkie Belt sits neatly and tightly on your hips so you hardly know you're wearing it. Use it for running with Fido, going out for coffee with your doggie friends or just for a casual walk to the park. It has two strong carabineers to clip the leash or leashes to (two dogs? go you!) and a pocket big enough for large cell phones and extra treats. 


The Dogist Puppies book

Trying to cut down on screen time but can't tear yourself away from the scroll of floppy ears, floof monsters, and fuzzy feets? Try a book! The Dogist Puppies photographed by Elias Weiss Friedman is perfect for any pooch lover. The 300-page book is packed with 800 heart-melting pictures of adorable puppies. Make sure to put the book on your coffee table before inviting over your next dog-loving date. It will provide an excellent icebreaker as you bond over your mutual love of  puppy bellies.  



This one is great for training young pups or for apartment dwellers who are unable to take their dogs out each time they have to go. Brilliantpad is a self-cleaning potty pad that seals waste, ensuring your home smells nice and clean for any (potentially romantic) visitors. Picture a self-cleaning potty treadmill. 


I'd Rather Be With My Dog

Let your shirt say it for you. At an office holiday party? Getting groceries? At your friend's kid's recital? Yah, I'd rather be with my dog. Take pride in knowing that your purchase really does help save lives, too! Every month they donate 5%- 10% of sales to a different cause or rescue.


Whistle GPS Pet Tracker

Get on track - together! The Whistle 3 GPS Pet Tracker & Activity Monitor enables owners to keep tabs of their dog’s location and activity levels from their smartphone. With Whistle, while they spend a romantic evening out single pet parents can make sure their pet is where they're supposed to be. Whistle will send alerts if your pet leaves home and allows you to monitor activity levels to ensure your pup stays in great shape for their age, weight, and breed. 


Fresh Pawz Streetwear

Do you have a dorky doggo? Not with a Fresh Pawz bandana on! Fresh Pawz’s fashionable dog apparel, accessories, and luxury items will make sure your pup is the coolest one at the dog park. Strut your stuff together with patterns like 90's throwback, hype camo, and psychedelic flowers. 


Carrie Cramer Fine Jewelry

Keep your pet close to your heart at all times.  Carrie Cramer Fine Jewelry has collaborated with Dr. Lisa Lippman, one of the most beloved Vets in America. Each charm is handcrafted with a diamond accent. The beautiful jewelry can dress up any date night outfit.