6 Holiday Date Ideas for Dog Lovers

By Nicole Moore

The beginning of winter means fresh snow, a surplus of peppermint mochas, marathons of subpar Hallmark movies, and a strong desire to cuddle with someone of the human variety. Now this is not to say you should go out, find a partner, and stop hanging out with your dog. After all, it is a known fact dogs provide the best cuddles and the best company. Besides, your furry friend will feel left out if you start spending all your time going on festive dates without them. So, here are 6 date ideas that will ensure this cuffing season is Fido friendly.

1. Sledding

Snuggling while sledding on bunny slopes is a perfect winter date. Your four-legged friend will adore frolicking in the snow beside you.

2. Bake Festive Dog Treats

When the weather is just too frightful baking cookies is a cozy and cute indoor date. After cooking up batch or two for you and your date, bake some that are suitable for your pooch. These recipes will surely get your dog into the holiday spirit. Don’t forget to decorate!

3. Look at Christmas Lights

Strolling hand in hand looking at Christmas lights is a romantic affair. While your pup may not necessarily appreciate holiday decorations, they will love the exercise (especially after eating a few of festive dog treats).

4. Drink Hot Chocolate at an Outdoor Cafe

Going to a cafe is an excellent date activity. It is a perfect spot to chat, people watch, and share delicious desserts. Most importantly, hot beverages will keep you nice and toasty during the winter months. With Dig’s dog-friendly location feature, you can easily find a place where your doggo can also enjoy themselves. Just make sure to get them a puppuccino!

5. Watch Holiday Movies

Save some money and stay inside by inviting your date over for a holiday movie marathon. Make some popcorn, put on Netflix, and make some extra room on the couch for the pups.

6. Get Pictures taken with Santa

Your dog is your fur baby so it only makes sense you would want a picture of them on Santa’s lap. This date is fun, festive, and unforgettable.