How to Know It’s Time to Commit

By Nicole Moore


With dating apps like Dig, the ocean of potential matches has grown exponentially. When dating around, you may not be sure if you should keep casting your line in the water. Maybe you’ve already reeled in a 600-pound Bluefin tuna worth $3.2 million and you’ll never find a more valuable fish. (Okay, I’ll stop with the overused fish metaphor. It’s not romantic.)

Regardless, sometimes it can be difficult to know when it’s time to start settling down. How long should you date before initiating the dreaded, ever so awkward ‘define the relationship’ talk? Is this person even right for you? Could they possibly be the one?

You can stop stressing. Here are 8 ways to tell if it’s time to commit.

Your Family and Friends Love Them:

Having your potential partner meet your family and friends is an important (and extremely stressful) part of entering into a relationship.

Your loved ones have your best interest in mind. They will let you know if they think you’ve found the Lady to your Tramp or if you should move on.

So before you decide to commit to a relationship, ask your family and friends to give you their honest opinion on your potential partner. If they reveal they dislike your date, you may want to keep pursuing other people on Dig.

Your Dog Approves:

Your dog’s approval may be even more important than the approval by your family and friends. According to a Wag! survey, 80% of the 3,500 people polled admitted their puppers’ reaction to a possible love interest factors in on whether or not they continue a relationship with that person.

I, personally, knew my partner was the right one for me when my parents’ pooches, upon first meeting him, immediately jumped on his lap and licked his face. This was an astounding moment because they literally hate everyone besides my parents, my grandmother, and me. What can I say, they have incredibly high standards.

You Want to Spend Time with Them:

Finding yourself prioritizing hanging out with your potential love interest, above everything and anyone else, is a sign you might be falling for them. I know if I rather be out and about with someone instead of watching reruns of Vanderpump Rules, I’ve got it bad.

You Feel Comfortable:

When you first start dating someone, you put your best foot forward. You dress to impress, research the highest rated restaurants around, and have humorous anecdotes prepared.

As a relationship progresses, however, you’ll start to relax. Soon, you’ll be comfortable enough to sit in silence together. Maybe you’ll even let your possible partner see you in all your glory- eating green olives straight out of the jar, wearing a holey T-shirt you got at freshman orientation, glued to the couch watching copious amounts of The Bravo network.

Feeling free enough to let your guard down is fantastic. You should hold onto the person who lets the true you shine through.

You Know and Like Each Other’s Quirks:

This goes hand in hand with feeling comfortable with each other. Everyone has their quirks, whether it’s refusing to feed their pup anything but homemade dog treats, watching niche ASMR videos, or playing Dungeons & Dragons every Friday night.

Knowing and appreciating your potential partner’s quirks and vise versa is crucial before entering into a long-term relationship. After all, you’ll be spending a lot of time with them. If you swoon over your sweetheart doing something others might find odd, it’s time to delete your dating apps.  

You Support Each Other:

An ideal partner will encourage you to ask your boss for a promotion, empathize with you when you had a difficult day, and as cliché as it is, let you cry on their shoulder.

If your date isn’t all that supportive of you, you should consider calling it quits.

Your Ideals Align:

In order for a long-term relationship to work, your ideals have to be in alignment. If you dream about moving to a big city and your love interest rather live in an isolated cabin, you probably aren’t meant to be together. Although it might feel a bit rushed or awkward, discuss important topics with each other, such as career plans, political beliefs, stances on having children, and most importantly, stances on having more dogs.

You Daydream about the Future Together:

If you keep seeing your potential partner’s face when you think about future events, they might be the one for you. One of the best aspects of being in a committed relationship is knowing your futures are intertwined.