7 Ways to Get That Second Date

A Dig + Love Intently Collaboration

As dog-lovers looking for some human companionship, we’re all excited to try Dig - The Dog Person’s Dating App. After some searching, you match up with a total cutie with a cute dog to boot, exchange a few messages, and set up a first date. But now, you’re nervous.

You want this date to go as smooth as possible so you can go on many more dates with this person because they seem promising. Take a deep breath and relax. Here are some key tips from Love Intently on how to put yourself in the best position to score a second date.

Ask Better Questions

Try to refrain from talking about yourself the entire time. People tend to ramble due to nerves, but having a one-sided conversation will bore your date and make them feel ignored. To begin a conversation your dog-loving date will adore, ask what’s a silly thing their dog does, the story behind their dog’s name, or how they chose their dog.

Don’t be a Poopy Person.

Hiking with pups is an excellent option for a first date. You can show off your athleticism, get to know each other while reveling in nature’s beauty, and your furry friends can frolic together on the trail. Just make sure to pick up after your dog when they go number two. Properly disposing your dog’s waste will showcase your responsibility, how you care about your surroundings, and that you respect other people. Thoughtfulness in the little things translates to big things over time, especially in potential relationships.

Share Treats and Toys

To many of us, our dog is our baby. Score some serious points by bringing over toys and treats for your date’s dog. This is guaranteed to win over both the hound’s heart and their owner’s.

Date to Connect Not Impress

To have a successful date you must lead with curiosity and follow with vulnerability. Typically, on first dates, we tend to check off boxes to see if the person we’re with is suitable for a second date. What actually leads to another date, however, is genuine connection, not just deciding whether or not the fact they showed up to a semi-fancy restaurant wearing Crocs is a deal breaker. The best way to forge connection is to lead with curiosity about the person in front of you. Be curious about what they love to do, who they care about, and their overall life story.  

Vulnerability is also a necessity when trying to make a connection. You don’t need to share every aspect of your life or get into the time you were bullied in the 6th grade for having a mustache (just me?), but allow yourself to be seen. Share genuine parts of your story and let your date get to know the real you.  

Remember, You’re Already Worthy

Sometimes dates can fall a bit flat from people not wanting to let their walls down due to insecurity or the fear of rejection. However, as mentioned above, the best dates come from genuine connection. So be yourself, flaws and all, and remember your worth is not tied to how people respond to you. Going into a date with confidence and a secure sense of self will make you simply irresistible.

Know Your Love Personality and Attachment Style!

Self-awareness can make or break a relationship. Understanding your tendencies, both positive and negative, when communicating in relationships can help you to figure out the type of partner you want to be and should be with. You can read more about attachment styles here or better yet, take the Love Personality quiz.

Have Fun, Be Silly

Dating is stressful but at the end of the day, dates should be fun. And as we all know, dog people are fun people. So going on a date with a dog person means double the fun. Here are a few icebreakers any dog lover will find amusing to show off your silly side.

Q: Why is a tree like a big dog?

A: They both have a lot of bark!

Q: What do you get when you cross a dog with a phone?

A: A golden receiver!

Q: Why are dogs like phones?

A: Because they have collar IDs!

Q: Which dog breed absolutely loves living in the city?

A: A New Yorkie!