NYC Wine & Food Festival Yappie Hour

By Jessica Kane, Lead Content at Waggle Ventures Inc

How was your weekend? Uh huh yeah that's cool guess what? We spent ours winin', dinin', and treatin' with Manhattan's coolest and drooliest at the New York City Wine & Food Festival's 1st Annual Yappie Hour at Big Screen Plaza in Chelsea.


Food Network human Katie Lee hosted, but ultimately played second fiddle to the doggers that showed their snouts. Like any worthwhile foodie event there were loads of hors d'oeuvres/drinks (for people) and jerky treats (for pups). Our favorite? A spin on the Greyhound cocktail specially mixed for dog lovers (don't worry, no fur friends were served despite the frankly staggering number of puppers trying to pass off fake IDs).

Overall we give the occasion a 14/10. Trust us: dog-centric happy hour events are going to be the rage. 

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