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Dog Friendly Locations

New matches need a dog-friendly place to meet up! Feature your dog-friendly location on the Dig list, and matches will see how close they are to your business! 

Daily Deal

Have a product or service that single dog owners and lovers would like? We’ll design your ad for you! Send us a picture, a description 200 characters or less, and a link. Ask us how we can help you with targeting!

Tip or Trick of the Day Push Notification

Have a tip or trick you can offer? For example: “Volunteering to walk the dogs at a local shelter is a great way to exercise for both you and the pup- Leigh Isaacson.” Send us your idea! Use up to 115 characters.


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Learn about how you can display your business at our events and meet hundreds of local dog lovers. Check out our Sponsorship Package.

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