Relieving Your Summer Dating Anxiety

in partnership with THE GEORGIA HEMP COMPANY


CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabis derivative, is said to have a whole lot of benefits for humans and canines alike. 

Dig’s friends at The Georgia Hemp Co. believe CBD can help with date-induced anxiety, especially in the sweltering summer. 

“Dates are big anxiety-causing activities and cannabis helps put both parties at ease. This allows for a more free-flowing, enjoyable time, helping avoid either person from trying too hard, having a high heart rate, sweating, and overthinking the simple process,” explains The Georgia Hemp Co.’s creative director and Head Budtender, Evan Pulliam. “Summertime is hot enough without having anxiety and nervousness add more discomfort and potential sweating. The awkwardness is avoided and additional dates become more likely as trust is increased due to the increased authenticity cannabis helps promote.”

As with humans, CBD oil is said to be able to diminish a variety of physical and mental ailments in dogs, including inflammation, nausea, and anxiety.  “CBD for pets will often result in general calming, relief from separation anxiety, pain relief for achy and aging joints, and deeper sleep,” notes Pulliam. If you like the idea of a calming aid, CBD may make summer dates with your Dig match and doggo better than ever. Be sure to consult your vet prior to giving your pup CBD. 

Here are 5 summer date ideas to try CBD with your darling and your dog. 

1. Attend an Outdoor Concert


After you downloaded Dig and totally hit if off with a fellow dog lover, it’s time to finally to meet up in person.  Going to an outdoor concert at a local park or plaza is a fun, cheap way to spend a summer day. Spread out a picnic blanket, pack a lunch, and enjoy some grooves with your sweetheart.

The hot temps, loud music, and crowded space, however, may make you feel anxious. It might be a good idea to take a Sympleaf Wellness Hemp Extract Organic Fruit Gummy Slice before heading over to the concert.

At noisy venues, your pup may also feel nervous. Loud noise is a common phobia for pooches. To possibly prevent your darling doggo from having a miserable time, trembling, whimpering, and panting, try giving Lucy a Doggy Daily 4mg Pumpkin Treat. If it’s too stressful, you can leave her at home. 

2. Go to Brunch on an Outdoor Patio 

Going to brunch is an awesome outing for when your newly dating someone. It’s casual but more of a commitment than just grabbing drinks. 

In the summer, outdoor patios are a perfect spot to dine. Nothing’s better than enjoying your cutie and canine’s company in the sunshine while sipping mimosas and eating pancakes. 

That being said, pre-date jitters can decrease appetite. Instead of just awkwardly watching your date enjoy their food because you feel nauseous trying to make small talk, consider taking some CBD to relax. An hour prior to your brunch date, snack on a piece of Hemp Extract Dark Chocolate Bar to potentially calm your nerves. 

Fido may be a bit agitated meeting new people in an environment he’s not used to. Proponents of cannabis say CBD oil can reduce anxiety-rooted aggression in our furry friends. To make sure your pooch makes an excellent first impression, think about giving him a beef flavored Pet Chew.  

3. Netflix and Chill With CBD Infused Popsicles

When the temperatures rise to unreasonable levels it’s best to stay inside. Invite your Dig date over, crank the AC, and curl up on the couch to watch some binge worthy shows. We recommend the Netflix docu-series Dogs. If you do decide to venture outside to go see a movie, The Art of Racing in the Rain, opening August 9th, is sure to be an instant favorite for any dog lover. Dig will be doing a giveaway for tickets soon, so keep your eyes peeled!


Outside stresses from work and everyday life may impede you from fully chilling out with your human and canine cuties. To keep your cool (and cool down) on hot summer days make some CBD infused popsicles for you and your date. Blend together coconut milk, pineapple, mango, banana, sugar, and Sympleaf Wellness Hemp Extract Oil. Put the mix in a mold with a popsicle stick and enjoy when frozen. 

You don’t want Ruby to feel left out! Make her refreshing pup-sicle with sugarless yogurt, fresh berries, and 1 ml of Extract Pet Oil per frozen treat. 

4. Play a Game of Frisbee on the Beach 

Heading to the beach for a romantic date is a no brainer. Put on some sunscreen and sprawl out on a towel next to your sweetie. Cannabis aficionados recommend taking CBD so you feel fully at ease as you soak up the sun. For a tasty treat at the beach make some gluten-free brownies from The Georgia Hemp Company’s Hemp Extract Brownie Mix

Bring a frisbee for Bitty so she can play fetch in the waves. If your dog is older or has achy joints that makes fetch not that fun anymore, some research has shown CBD helps ease pain in pups. It may be beneficial to give your furry friend a Pet Chew before she enjoys the surf. 

5. Have a Romantic Rinse Off After The Beach 


Post-beach your pooch will be covered in sand, making the house a total mess. Before Jethro jumps on furniture, he needs a bath. Now most dogs don’t loved being bathed. I know from personal experience. One of my dogs thrashes and gives you a total sink eye the entire time. Feeding your fur baby one of The Georgia Hemp Company’s delicious CBD pup products may help bath time become a whole lot easier. 

After your doggo is squeaky clean, it’s you and your dates turn.  (I recommend really rinsing the tub out before you do so). Get the sand out of each other’s hair and enjoy a stress-free, sexy soak together in your bathtub using one of The Georgia Hemp Company’s Hemp Extract Bath Bombs.

After you dry off, take turns giving each other a sensual massage with Hemp Extract Muscle Cream.  

If you think CBD may benefit your dating life and your dog, be sure to use Dig’s exclusive offer, DIG10, for 10% off of The Georgia Hemp Co. products. 

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