Sit, Stay, Speed Date

Photo by  P.L.A.Y

Photo by P.L.A.Y

Sometimes, it can be difficult to sniff out a suitor through a dating app alone. At Dig, our goal is to get you off the app and meeting pet-tential partners and their dogs in real life. But, why stop at one date per night? Here are some tips on how to go from scrolling to speed dating!

First, find a speed dating event, like Dig’s Must Love Dogs in NYC on May 2, where your four-legged friend is welcome to join in on the fun! With your pup by your side, you’ll exude confidence by feeling more relaxed and playful. If you have a tendency to fidget when nervous, pet your doggo instead of ringing your hands together or peeling off bottle labels. Avoid awkward silences by pivoting the focus of dwindling conversations onto the topic of your or your potential date’s pup.

This is also a great opportunity to introduce your dog to a budding love interest as soon as possible. A Wag! Survey found 80% of people polled take their dog’s reaction to their date into account when deciding whether they will continue or end a relationship. Acquainting your pup to a date early on ensures no time will be wasted if they are not compatible.

It’s important to remember your possible beau’s first impression of you and your dog will be based on your appearances. Make sure you are both ready to turn some heads by looking presentable and groomed. Take time to shower and style your hair. While you’re getting ready at home, your pet can too! Groomit is an in-home grooming service. Through an app, you are able to connect with certified groomers and schedule an appointment at your convenience.

Don’t forget to floss! A great smile insinuates you are friendly, trustworthy, happy, and healthy. Another major benefit of good oral hygiene is having fresh breath, making you all that more kissable. To help out your furry friend get their best smile, try TEEF’s  tummy-friendly, human grade products that beats dog breath at the molecular level. You and your pup will surely dazzle everyone at the event with your pearly whites.

You’ll also want to dress to impress. Steer clear of overly casual items, but wear something you feel comfortable and confident in. Add accessories that highlight aspects of your personality and express your interests. If your potential date takes notice, this can be an easy conversation starter. Put on a small pin with an emblem of your favorite band or sports team on it. Show your passion for your pup by donning a beautiful necklace from the Carrie Cramer Fine Jewelry collection in collaboration with Dr. Lisa Lippman. Each handcrafted piece features a silhouette of a dog and is accented with a diamond.

Before heading out to the event, verify your pooch is up-to-date with all their shots. That being said, the hassle of going to the vet can be anxiety-inducing for you and your doggo. For less stressful check ups, Fuzzy offers comprehensive veterinary care in the comfort of your own home. Fuzzy’s services include consultations, vaccinations, and diagnostics.

For those on the shyer side, consider also bringing a human friend along. While you don’t want to exclusively spend your time talking to your bud, an occasional thumbs up or nod in their direction can help relieve some tension.

Photo by  P.L.A.Y

Photo by P.L.A.Y

Once seated and paired, have your full attention on the person in front of you. Wandering eyes will convey a lack of interest or boredom. Be genuine and try to resist using sarcasm or speaking in a negative manner. A positive outlook will help increase your chances at love.

During your interactions, maintain eye contact, smile, and if interested, lean forward. Other nonverbal cues, such as not crossing your arms and facing your entire body toward the person you’re paired with, will indicate your attraction to them.

Do your best to present yourself in the best light, while avoiding having a one-sided conversation. Talk about your passions and achievements but be careful not to boast. No one likes a bragger, unless, of course, they’re bragging about their dog.

Refrain from using pick up lines, even ironically. Studies have shown initiating contact in this way is not effective, particularly when talking to women. Instead ask light-hearted, yet revealing questions, such as “What is your favorite dog themed movie?” to get the ball rolling. If your possible love interest says Marley and Me, they’re up for a good cry. If they’re more of a Lady and the Tramp kind of person, they are a romantic who will share spaghetti with you. If their answer is The Truth About Cats and Dogs they’re into somewhat obscure 90s rom coms starring Uma Thurman.

Another wonderful conversation starter is to ask your potential suitor how they got their dog. Watch their eyes light up as they share a sweet, swoon-worthy story.

If there is a lull in conversation, opt for playing some quick games, such as “never have I ever,” “would you rather,” or “twenty-questions.” For added fun, make the games dog themed. For example, ask, “would you rather only be able to eat dry dog food for the rest of your life or loudly bark each time someone said your name.”


As your time comes to an end, be courteous and offer a sincere “goodbye” before departing to the next table. After each interaction, take notes on your phone. This will help you, later on, decide who you would like to move forward with. If you feel a spark or even a desire to keep the conversation going, don’t be afraid to ask for contact information.

Must Love Dogs is a speed-dating event for Dig daters at NYC’s Marmara Park Avenue. The free event will be held on Thursday, May 2 with a cocktail hour and after-party available to all guests. Attendees have the chance to meet potential companions of both the human and canine variety. Adorable, adoptable dogs from Best Friends Animal Society and The Sato Project will also be looking for love at the event.

One lucky couple at the Must Love Dogs event will win the chance to spend more time together with a free stay at the romantic Hotel Vermont. The couple can either take their dogs with them or give the pups their own vacay at D Pet Hotels! All dogs involved in the speed dating will get to relax in P.L.A.Y. beds in-between their owners, and one winner will get a brand new luxury bed!

Be sure to arrive to the event on time. Only the first 25 single men and 25 single women who check-in will be able to participate in speed dating. The cocktail party will continue for all general entry guests.