Spring Date Ideas Your Dog will Love

By Nicole Moore


Spring is officially upon us. The sun is shining, flowers are in bloom, and unflattering winter coats can finally be shed. Not only is this season considered one of the most romantic times of the year, the warmer weather lends itself for outdoor date activities. This means you can finally include Fido on your romantic outings. Seriously, he was feeling pretty left out, home all alone with C-Span bleakly playing in the background, while you were off having fun. 

Here are six spring date ideas, you, the love of your life, and your human companion can enjoy. 

Farmers Market 

Going to a farmers’ market is a sweet and quaint activity. What can be more romantic than inspecting apples, sampling cheeses, and watching someone twist balloon animals? Many farmers’ markets have designated areas for people with dogs. While you stroll arm in arm with your dreamy date, your pup will have a blast sniffing all kinds of tasty treats.


Picnics are the quintessential spring activity. Head over to your local park with a blanket and a wicker basket full of snacks (make sure there are some Milk Bones or Amuse Pooch chicken treats in there!). To really enhance the spring vibe, throw on something gingham and put on a wide brim straw hat. After you consume all of your food, feel free to take a nap, cuddled up with your dog and date, in the sun. 


If you are newly dating someone, throwing a BBQ is a perfect way to introduce them to your friends and family. Show off your date while chowing down on burgers and basking in the sunshine. Make sure your pupper gets a steak or two. After all, he deserves it!


Hiking is a great way to get exercise and breathe in some fresh air. During the spring, hiking is particularly idyllic. The foliage is green, birds are chirping overhead, and the sights are sure to be breathtaking. Most importantly, your furry friend will have a fantastic time frolicking on the trail. 

Movies in the Park 

Admittedly, this activity is for dogs of the more well behaved variety. I know my dog would be extremely disruptive; asking questions every few minutes because she’s not paying attention to the plot, constantly getting up to grab more snacks, and screaming out spoilers for fun. Obviously, I’m being fastidious, but I know she would bark her head off the entire time. 

I digress. For those who have dogs who can handle social situations, this is a lovely nighttime date to attend. Many places put on movie in the park events during the spring and summer. It’s an excellence spot to curl up, share some pupcorn, and enjoy each other’s company. 

Go to Brunch 

A perfect weekend date consists of rolling out of bed and grabbing some bottomless mimosas and waffles. With Dig’s dog-friendly location feature, you can easily find a restaurant where your fur baby is welcomed. Enjoy your meal luxuriating in the sun on the patio, while secretly giving scraps to your dog while your waiter isn’t looking,