How Important is Your Dog’s Smile on a First Date?

A Dig + Teef collaboration written by Nicole Moore

A great smile can help make a great first impression on a date- for you and your dog. A gleaming, genuine grin indicates both happiness and good health. So flash those pearly whites and dazzle your date.

Dental disease, in human and dogs alike, is linked to kidney disease, diabetes, and more. To prevent these health issues make sure you keep up on your and your pup’s oral hygiene.

An added bonus of having good oral health is not having bad breath. Our friends at TEEF! say beating dog breath starts at the molecular level, for both humans and furry friends. The combination of bacterial by-products, decay, and plaque makes us much less kissable, and therefore a lot less dateable. Not being kissable is especially hurtful to dogs because one of their favorite activities is to kiss.

But before your pucker up with your pooch, you should know gum disease-associated bacteria can be transferred between dogs and humans. Your date surely won’t appreciate this, as one kiss can transfer over 80 Million bacteria between people.

We love TEEF’s new prebiotic technology - it was first developed for humans! It functions as a molecular toothbrush by enhancing the good bacteria in the mouth to out compete the bad, naturally promoting strong teeth, healthy gums, and fresh breath. TEEF uses human-grade ingredients, with no fillers, chemicals, preservatives, artificial colors, animal by-products, or xylitol. All your dog has to do is drink it up! We have an exclusive offer for Dig users: Get 10% off your pre-order of TEEF with the promo code DIG10!