Is Your Dog Ready for Your First Date?

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First dates are hard enough. A first date with dogs in tow should make it better, but dealing with some of these traits can feel im-paw-sible! Luckily, the experts at Vetted PetCare, a leading in-home vet company based out of Los Angeles, are offering up some tips and tricks just for Dig daters.

Here are the manners your dog needs to help score that second date. As for your questionable choice in pizza toppings? Well, you’re on your own there.

Calm Behavior

Nobody wants to be knocked over by a Doberman on their first date. If your dog’s a jumper, it’s time to help him control all that excitement with some pre-date treat training. Reward your dog with high-value treats when he greets you (and others) from a calm, seated position. Don’t punish him for jumping but rather turn your back, ignoring him. Handing your date a few treats to reward your calm pooch with at the start of your date can be a great icebreaker!

Social Skills

Since you and your Dig date will both be bringing your dogs, it’s crucial your dog behave around other animals. Help by keeping your pooch on a leash and perhaps starting the date with some kind of active activity where your dogs can become comfortable, like a short walk. If your dog’s not used to being around other dogs, a few pre-date trips to the dog park might help get him acclimated.

Fresh Breath

No one’s under any illusion that dogs have minty-clean breath, but if your dog’s breath crosses the line from slightly funky to totally toxic? The time to get it under control is before your first date. (What if your date thinks it’s you!?) Call in a mobile veterinarian to check and make sure your pup doesn’t have an infection or even a dead tooth, and talk to her about easy solutions for fresher canine breath. Daily brushings and chewable fresh basil leaves will do wonders, we’re told.

No Scratching

There’s nothing romantic about the incessant scratching, biting, or licking of a dog nearby. If your dog can’t stop scratching it might be time to ask your vet about solutions for overly dry skin. Perhaps your pup even has a common food allergy! If not, be sure your flea and tick preventatives are up-to-date. Your date would much rather you bring flowers than parasites to your get-together.

Remember, healthy dogs are happy dogs...and happy dogs are the most fun on a date! Having a vet examine your dog regularly isn’t just good for you and your pup, it’s a courtesy to everyone you come into contact with.

Good luck out there!