What would you tell your dog if they could understand you for one hour? 

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On average, an intelligent dog knows 165 words. Maybe their ears only perk up at “treat,” “snack,” “cookie,” “chicken,” “walk,” “toy,” and “park,” but to be fair, those are very important words.

Now this leads to the question, what if your dog could perfectly understand you for one magical hour. What would you say?

Including your own answer to this question on your Dig Bio is an excellent way to give insight to who you are as a person and your relationship with your dog. Before even messaging you, your potential date will have a good sense of your personality and be inclined to find out more.

Dig's Nicole Moore shares her answer (and we teared up just reading it):

I have three main puppers in my life, Jethro, Bitty, and Ruby. Jethro and Bitty live with my folks a state away and Ruby is currently on my lap yelling at the neighbors because they have the audacity to walk by our house. She keeps threatening to call the cops even though I have explained on multiple occasions being within close proximity to our front window is within their legal right.

If I could have one conversation with my dearest friends, this is what I would tell them:


Ruby: You are a princess who deserves the world. I’m so sorry your old owner was unkind to you. I know this is why you misbehave. I promise to always protect you. Just some constructive criticism though while we’re here- you know you don’t need to yell at the neighbors. Or the mailman. Or other dogs minding their own business. Or me when I pet said other dogs. You don’t need to be jealous. They won’t replace you. I love you too much for that to happen.

Jethro: You are the most handsome boy in the whole world. And talented. And kind. However, I would appreciate if you didn’t claw me each time I tried to put your leash on. I understand walks are fun but you don’t need to be so intense about it.

Bitty: My beautiful girl! You are a sweetheart and my lovely lady! Please be nicer to your brother, Jethro. Regardless of what you think, you can share some of the toys. I miss you every day and love you so much! I’m sorry I live so far away. I’m going to try my best to visit more often, especially since you guys a getting older.


We asked Dig users what they would tell their dogs!

Thank you for all of your great answers. Here are three of our favorites:

Tyler Copper- You are my smartest and most handsome boy. I hope you know how much I love and care for you. You are loved and safe with me. So, don’t be afraid anymore. Your past is gone. You can settle and calm down. Please don’t feel like you have to protect yourself when there are other dogs around——- I got ya! All you need to do is listen to my voice and follow what I ask you to do.

-Your mom, Glenda

Finn- You are the GOAT, the Greatest of All Time. You are the biggest, little blessing God has ever given me. I don't know why someone would turn you in to a kill shelter at 13 years old. You are so sweet, so good, and so cute, that it makes no sense. God knew we were perfect for each other and brought us together after a long search for me and a long wait for you.

-Your mom, Karla

Max - I would tell him I was sorry he was treated so badly and physically abused. That I would never hurt him. I understand why he wont let me put his harness around his bruised or broken ribs. I will also tell him how much he has changed my life for the better and that I will love him and cherish our time together always. Max you rock my world.

-Your mom, Robyn