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Get your brand in front of dedicated dog-lovers! In our Dig community, being a dog person is declaring more than just what kind of pet you want to own. To other dog people, you are more likely to be compassionate, trustworthy, and responsible. You believe in putting effort into relationships, understand the importance of clear communication, and can commit. You’re showing you have the capacity to love. Dog-lovers on Dig are determining who they want to spend the rest of their life with based on their love for dogs. See our dater demographics here

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Invite Dig Daters to Your Event!


Whether it’s a zoom or an in-person event, Dig daters want to attend! Post your dog-friendly event and they can RSVP right from the Dig app!


Share a Dog-Friendly Deal!


Have a product or service that single dog owners and lovers would like? We’ll post your deal in the Park and on Dig Unleashed. It may also be featured in emails to Dig users, on Dig’s social accounts, and more.


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Dig daters read creative dog-friendly articles, deals from pet companies, tips and tricks from vets and trainers, and more from within the app and on the website in the Dig Unleashed section.

Invite Dig daters to your dog-friendly location!

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Post your dog-friendly location and Dig daters can find you right from the Dig app!

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Event Partnerships


Be a vendor, sponsor, or host for a Dig dog-friendly event. You can display your business at our events and meet hundreds of local dog-lovers. See photos and videos of events here.